Sunday, 3 June 2012

Hacking the Windows 7 Product Activation key

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Today, I'll be blogging about hacking the Windows 7 Product Activation key. Don't feel so happy about it because you'll have to buy the Activation key from Microsoft after the trial period expires. But, I can teach you a way wherein, you can use Windows 7 for 4 months that too for free of cost without investing a single pie on it. 

I know that most of the Windows 7 users would think "Why in the world should I invest money and purchase an Operating System disc when I can get a trial version?" Well, I support them all who say that. Because, I think it is waste to invest money on something when you can get the same thing for free of cost. 

Windows 7 product activation function will keep reminding you the number of days left to input a product key and activate the system in order to continue using the operating system beyond 30 days. In fact, Windows 7 is also equipped with a secret ‘rearm’ key in order to reset the free 30-day evaluation period limitation, which allows you to extend the activation-free usage or evaluation expiry date of Windows 7 for another 30 days legally. Most of them are not aware of the rearm trick. That is why I'm here to reveal the rearm trick. This is not illegal. So, don't scratch your head or worry to use this method

I appreciate Microsoft for 1 thing i.e., they provide 3 times of available ‘rearm’ count, as part of tool for system administrator to reset and restore activation state of Windows 7 to factory state during initial OOB (out of box) grace period. So, by using the ‘rearm’ hack, you can reset and extend the activation grace period (aka evaluation trial period) for up to 3 times, effectively running Windows 7 without product key without activation for up to 120 days, or 4 months. The trick is, the rearm hack must be done only when the 30 days trial period or activation grace period is about to expire.

Follow these steps to reset and extend activation grace period from 30 days to 120 days in Windows 7:
  1. Install Windows 7 without any product activation key.
  2. After the installation is completed, use the Windows 7 for 30 days and wait for the remaining days left to activate Windows counting down to 0, or almost zero.
  3. When the activation grace period (or evaluation trial period) is almost expired or ended, log on to Windows 7 desktop, and open a Command Prompt window (i.e. type Cmd in Start Search and hit Enter).
  4. Type any of the following commands into the command prompt, and then hit Enter:
    sysprep /generalize
    slmgr.vbs –rearm
    rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows
    slmgr /rearm
  5. Reboot Windows 7 to enjoy another 30 days of free usage without worrying about activation nor even need to crack Windows 7.
  6. When the activation grace period countdown timer almost running down to 0 again, repeat the ‘rearm’ trick to enjoy another 30 days of Windows 7 for free. You can run the rearm command for maximum of 3 times.
As the rearm trick only works for 3 times, make sure the command is only been run when the 30 days countdown of evaluation period is almost expired.
I know that most of the young minds and geeks will definitely find this information useful. If you still have any doubts regarding this, reply me. I'll try my best to help you. For others, who successfully activated Windows 7 Operating System, lean back and relax.  
Stay in touch with me cuz I'll be revealing a secret each and every day. 

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